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'Opportunity For All To Succeed'

It's time for transition! This years Hawks will be becoming Kestrels from September!

You new class teachers will be Mrs Greenard and Mrs Lewis. Mrs Ferreira will be moving on up with you too!

Zoom transition meetings are currently being arranged where you will have the opportunity to meet your new teachers and ask any questions that you have.

White Rose, the maths curriculum we currently use in school, has created home-learning for most year groups. It will be updated regularly.It relies on worksheets but most of them do not need to be printed off, so children could work on paper.

Here is the link:

Children's author, Oliver Jeffers, is also reading his books live on instagram then putting them on his website daily. Go to His books are charming and beautifully illustrated too! 

The following link:… sends you to a fantastic resource of different levelled e-reading books.All for free!

Summer term has arrived. Usually, Hawks would be looking at the Mayans, however, we are all stuck at home, so I have set the children the task of a Mayan project to keep them busy and invested in their learning. They should put together a project in a way of their choice; ready to be presented on 1st June. I'd love to hope that by that point we will be back together in the classroom.