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Our new class will be ...
Your new class teacher will be Ms Larkins and your new TA will be Mrs Pearce; Mrs Stafford will be moving up with you! You can meet your new teacher and TAs during your Zoom meeting next week. Details of your meeting will be sent to you if you have completed and returned the consent form which can be found on the school's home page.

If you would like some home learning over the summer holidays, I have attached a few activities for you- Good luck in Year 2 Robins Class! 

Parrots going into Robins- please find below the welcome to year 1 document for September 2020.

Home Learning

If you want to catch up on some reading, click on the link below:

Please find this week's Home Learning for WB: 13th July. (Use the phonics links below for the different activities)

Phonics: alternative spellings Phase 5 - click on Sal's phonics on Espresso (see link below).

Monday: 'ch' as in 'chicken', 'ture' as in 'picture' and 'tch' as in 'kitchen'

Tuesday: 'j' as in 'jumper' and 'dge' as in 'badge'

Wednesday: 'm' as in 'monster' and 'mb' as in 'thumb'

Thursday: ‘n’ as in nose, ‘gn’ as in gnat and ‘kn’ as in 'knee'.

Friday: High frequency words on Phonics Play: 

See below the link for PhonicsPlay:

Below are some fun ways to learn the alphabet:

If you are unsure of any of the letter sounds, look at the website below:

Have fun using the website below to recap some sounds:

Use the website below for you main daily phonics sessions:

Can you identify the 'real' words and the 'alien' or 'fake' words?

English continued: (this activity can be completed over the next 2 weeks)

If you have completed this activity then you can go to the following site to continue some English work:

Listen to the book 'Tigress'- this book gives a lot of tiger facts- the story told in the book is how the tigress looks afer and cares for her tiger cubs:


Explain that the book is read as both non-fiction and fiction- look at the sheet of sentences-explain that some of these are fiction and some are non-fiction-the children will need to sort these into the correct columns- this can be either written or cut out.


Day 2-5

Look at some of the facts on sheet 2, can you remember the facts from the Tigress story? 

You can now make a fact file about tigers-the front page needs to be a picture of a tiger, with YOU as the author!

Page 1 The heading needs to be: What are tigers like?

Page 2 How do tigers eat?

Page 3 Do tigers have babies?

Page 4 Where do tigers live?

Page 5 other facts

Please send your completed work to:

PE: Don't forget to exercise, use can use these website below for some ideas:


Home Learning WB:13.7.20


Maths: WB:13.7.20 

Click on each days learning to download the explanation video then download the worksheet underneath each video.

Day 1:Time to the hour

Day 2: Time to the half hour

Day 3: Writing time

Day 4: Comparing time

Day 5: Complete any outstanding MyMaths activities

Practise telling the time

Video links below:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Topic: Edith Cavell

This week we are looking at the famous nurse Edith Cavell. Look at the following website:

Look at the attached Power Point:

Write at least 5 facts about her including:

Who was she?.

What was she famous for?

Where was she born?

When was she born?

Why did she become a nurse?

You can find out some more information using this website:

Use either one of the templates to write on below, or plain paper.

RE: Listen to the story of Noahs Ark; complete the worksheet below:

Science: Click on the link below to learn about dinosaurs: 

White Rose, the maths curriculum we currently use in school, has created home-learning for most year groups. It will be updated regularly.It relies on worksheets but most of them do not need to be printed off, so children could work on paper.

Here is the link:

The BBC has lots of different activities, see below:


Children's author, Oliver Jeffers, is also reading his books live on instagram then putting them on his website daily. Go to His books are charming and beautifully illustrated too!


The following link:… sends you to a fantastic resource of different levelled e-reading books.All for free!