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Story Time with Miss Gray

Scroll down to watch more story time videos by Miss Gray

Summer Term

Topic: Our Neck of the Woods

The children will be learning about the local area including the school and the local park. We will also be looking at local maps of the area which include the school and Bedford Park. 

Science: Amazing Animals

The children will be learning about different animals, labeling body parts and discussing their needs. We will be making comparisons and learning about what they eat. 

Half term activities

Phonics (18-5-20)

We have covered all phase 5 sounds so from Tuesday we will be recapping phase 3 sounds.

Monday: u-e (split digraph - cube (you sound) or prune (oo sound)

Tuesday: ai (chain)

Wednesday: ee (sheep)

Thursday: igh (light)

Friday: tricky words

Maths (18-5-20)

All Maths lesson will now be followed using the link above. Daily lessons will be updated everyday for you to follow and use at home.

Art (18-5-20)

Use the leaves you collected in Science to make a picture. You can use paper and crayons to do leaf rubbings or you can stick the leaves onto paper.

Leaf rubbing
Leaf rubbing
Please continue to read at home
Please continue to read at home

Sentence Writing Criteria

In Year 1 we teach the children how to use capital letters and full stops. They learn how to separate each word with a finger space so it is easy to read back their own work. We have been learning how to make writing more interesting by using adjectives and conjunctions. 

We have introduced a new handwriting scheme and the children have been learning how to write in cursive handwriting.

Cursive Handwriting

Story Time with Miss Gray

The storm whale

Five minutes peace


Knuffle Bunny

A quiet night in

The Cloudspotter

Billy's Bucket

Matilda's Cat

Working together to keep us safe

 The Bedford Midland Railway Station Manager is looking to decorate Bedford Train Station with pictures from children in the community to show support for key workers and to show how the local community is pulling together to support them.

Children can draw a picture of the key worker that they would like to do your poster for and write a simple thank you message. Here are some examples of key workers and messages:



  • Shop workers. Thank you to our wonderful shop workers. You are keeping the nation fed. 
  • Railway station workers or bus drivers. Thank you to the railway stations and  staff. You are transporting key workers and supplies..
  • Nurses/ doctors/ hospital staff/ pharmacy staff. Thank you NHS, you are saving lives.
  • Teachers/ school staff. Thank you to our schools who are open to allow our key workers to be able to go to work
  • Council workers. Thank you for keeping our streets clean and our bins empty. 
  • Parents/ carers. Thank you for being my parent and my teacher and caring for me. 

If parents took a photo of the work they could be emailed to the school or emailed to directly to me through the year 1 email address.


Week 4 Home Learning (18-5-20)

Downloadable Plan

Science (18-5-20)

Day 1

On your daily exercise, go on a plant hunt! You can use the tick sheet below as a guide but you don’t need to print it if you are unable to. If you have a camera then take some pictures of the plants and flowers that you find on your walk.

Activity: Write some sentences about what you saw on your walk. Try to find out the correct names of the plants and use adjectives to describe them.


Day 2

Today go on a tree hunt!

On your walk today have a look at all the different trees you see. Collect a leaf from each tree and bring them home to compare. You can compare size, colour shape and use the internet to learn the names of the trees.

Activity: Can you write a sentence to explain why the trees are full of green leaves at the moment? What will happen to some trees as we move through the year? Will all trees keep their leaves later in the year? Why not? What do we call these trees?

Day 1 - Plant Hunt

Day 2 - Types of trees

Day 2 - Tree Hunt

Websites to support learning at home

Click on the images below and a new window will open

Phonics Play


A selection of English, Maths and Phonics activities for KS1

My Maths

Children will use the login details below to enter the site and will then need to use their personal login details which have been provided in the home learning pack. 

Homework has been set for children to complete.

Purple Mash

Login with personal username and password. These have been stuck in the front of the reading records. Once logged in, click on 'To do' to access work that has been set.


Oxford Owl

Children can access and read books online from home.

Teach your monster to read

Login details are in the front of the reading records

Physical Education 

2019 - 2020 Curriculum Outline


PE kit
PE kit