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Welcome to the Woodpeckers

Summer Half Term 1





For online learning please visit Purple Mash, My Maths and Seesaw. Remember as well to enjoy reading lots of different books on MyOn. 



Mrs White and Mrs Richardson would like to welcome you to the Woodpeckers class.

Below is a helpful video, recorded by the Year 3 team, to share with you some of the new routines we have put in place as we return to school this September.

Just a reminder that there is a translation button near the search facility on the school website. You can click on the round button and scroll up the page to select your home language. All the pages will then appear in your home language.

This EAL Hub has free resources for all ages too:
This organisation has listed all links to a wide range of links to free home learning resources available:

Dear Woodpeckers

We hope that you had a lovely Easter holiday. 

At the moment we will be setting homework online so please check Purple Mash, My Maths and Seesaw for learning activities. 

If you require any support or help please do not hesitate to contact us via the school office at or by using the Purple Mash email facility. 

Thank you for all your support during these difficult times. It is really appreciated. 


Mrs White and Mrs Richardson 




Year 3 Spellings

The spellings for Summer Half Term 1 are as follows: 

The week beginning 12th April:

     chef        chalet         machine          brochure          crochet   

          ricochet      parachute       moustache         champagne        chute 

The week beginning 19th April:

   library          February          dictionary          boundary        salary     

           summary           primary          secondary        ordinary         necessary   


The week beginning 26th April:

      woman          wonder          month          govern          brother     

             another           shovel          above           Monday          discover 

The week beginning 3rd May:

     enough            young             touch           double            trouble     

           country             courage          rough             tough           cousin  

The week beginning 10th May:

Word families 


        instruct     structure     construction     instructor     instruction                                      unit            union            united         universe       university

The week beginning: 17th May:

Word families

          scope          microscope          telescope         horoscope        periscope 

                 inspect     spectator      respect     perspective     spectacles  

The week beginning 24th May: 

Word families

         press          suppress           express          compress           impress

             prevent           invent           venture            adventure          eventful                  





 This weeks homework is:

English - This is set weekly on the Purple Mash website.

Maths - Set on My Maths. 

Reading - Please continue to choose and read books from the MyOn Website. 

Remember if you want to take your AR quiz you need to have read the book at least twice. 

Also you can find a copy of the weeks spellings above but please don't worry if you can't download and print them as the children have been given a copy and have an allocated time in school to practise them. 

The Government has launched an online classroom called Oak National Academy where you can find lessons and learning support materials if you should require them.

Please use the link

You can access Gooseberry Planet, a great new program to help you stay safe

In Year 3 we use MyOn and Accelerated Reader and like reading all different kinds of books.


Oxford Owl | ShareWithUs

Want to read and keep up with your Accelerated Reader progress?

Oxford Owl have some free e books which can be read online and may have a link to an AR quiz (check first)!

Go to:

Remember that you can go on online sites and also blog on Purple Mash.

Here is a reminder of the sites available and the log in information. Please contact Mrs White if you experience any problems. I can be contacted via the school office at and please add my name in the reference or direct via Purple Mash email. 

You will find learning activities that have been set for you on Purple Mash. (Children have their individual logins)


Maths activities and support via My Maths: 

School username: Livingstone1 Password: angles156

Times tables practise via TTRockstars:  


Mrs Savage has found another great maths website that offers completely FREE home learning and where you can play times tables games along with a range of other fun and exciting maths games!

The site address is:

There is a fantastic range of curriculum activities and latest news for children via Espresso:   

Username: Student4293                                   Password: Livingstone

In Maths we use White Rose and they have made lots of tutorials, lessons and activity sheets that can be used during this period of home learning.

Online Maths tutorials and activities via White Rose Maths :



 We will be learning all about Ancient Egypt this term and our English texts link with this exciting topic.

We will explore myths and legends and also traditional tales with a twist. 


 After listening to The Egyptian Cinderella we will plan and write our own quest myth as Amasis searches high and low for his beautiful Egyptian Cinderella.

We will also use non fiction texts, pictures, photographs and the internet to help us conduct further research about  Ancient Egypt and write our own newspaper reports all about the amazing discovery of King Tutankhamun. 





In year 3 the children have been working on improving and consolidating their knowledge and understanding of place value, number and calculation. They have been using a range of representations and resources in lessons. 


This half term we will be focusing on measurement. Children will learn how to measure accurately and convert lengths.

We will be carrying out lots of practical measuring tasks and be solving everyday life measurement problems. 



Children in year 3 take part in the times tables challenge and start aiming for their bronze, silver, gold or platinum award. This can be achieved by correctly answering multiplication and division questions linking to the 2s, 5s and 10 times tables, the 3's and 4's times tables and finally the 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's times tables.

 They use Times Tables Rock Stars to help them become quicker and more confident with

multiplication and division.
We also use My Maths to help improve mathematical knowledge and understanding and develop skills.




In our Science lessons we will continue to learn all about plants. 

We have already learnt about different parts of plants and investigated how plants grow. We have identified the different parts of flowering plants and predicted what will happen in an investigation. Throughout this unit we will continue to make scientific observations and record our work in a variety of ways. In our final lessons we will be exploring the main stages of the life cycle of flowering plants and look at different methods of seed dispersal. 


Throughout, we will be learning how to grow and care for our own plants. Why don't you check back in and see our progress?  


Travel back with us in time to Ancient Egypt 


Our new topic 'Ancient Egypt' we will begin by finding out just how far back in time we are travelling by using timelines and artefacts. We will learn about how important the River Nile was for sustaining life in Ancient Egypt and also for trade and travel. We will then go on to find out about the homes that the Egyptians built and how they grew their own food and their different farming methods. Later as the topic progresses we will explore hieroglyphics and how the Egyptians recorded their life for us to find out about 5,000 years later. 


P.E. for Woodpeckers is on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday Mr Knight will teach the children games and on a Thursday the children will be taking part in Athletics.

It is important you wear your P.E. kit to school on P.E. days.

Don't forget the weather is going to get colder so please make sure you have the appropriate clothing.

Year 3 Homework

Homework at the moment will be posted online on Purple Mash and My Maths.

Remember that you can also use TT Rock stars to improve your fluency and recall of the times tables.

Any problems with homework please email via Purple Mash.

We will learn our spellings in class and have a quiz on Monday to check our results.

To help with the 'Times table Challenge', click on the link below to take your child to the Times Tables Rock Stars log in, 'My Maths' or Top Marks website. 

Here your child can practise their times tables.
Remember there are bronze, silver and gold badges to be won.