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Welcome to the Swallows

Dear Swallows

Mrs Jakes and Ms Pearce are all missing you but we have really enjoyed looking at all the learning you have been doing online, hearing your thoughts and ideas and reading your comments on our blog. It is a great way that we can still stay in touch. Please continue to complete the home learning activities both in your packs and online, if you are able to, and post your pictures and comments. Look after yourselves and please stay in touch. 

The website for the food chain activity is:

In light of the school closure, commencing on Monday 23rd March, we have set some work for the children to complete:

Purple Mash - (children's purple mash logins have been sent home)

MyMaths -


Please look at Oak National Academy, the online classroom. Lessons have been set up especially for Year 2, and include English, Maths and Foundation subjects. These will be updated regularly with new lessons. It can be found here:


BBC Bitesize have also created daily lessons for each year group, including Year 2 for English, Maths and foundation subjects. The link to the BBC Bitesize Year 2 classroom is:


For further support for English, Maths, Science and Humanities, can be found on BBC Bitesize here: 


Daily learning activities

To gain a free Twinkl login, so you are able to use the link above, go to:


White Rose, the Maths curriculum we currently use in school, has created home-learning for most year groups. It will be updated regularly.It relies on worksheets but most of them do not need to be printed off, so children could work on paper.

Here is the link:

Another webpage providing free Maths lessons can be accessed here:

The above link has some lovely you tube clips for Maths learning. 


Children's author, Oliver Jeffers, is also reading his books live on Instagram then putting them on his website daily. Go to His books are charming and beautifully illustrated too!

The following link:… sends you to a fantastic resource of different levelled e-reading books.All for free!





Supermovers have numerous videos that will get your children active. The videos link to the curriculum so will keep the children active whilst still learning.

Childline Tool Box has a calm zone where you can access activities, breathing exercises, yoga, games and videos on ways to cope and expressing emotion

Go Noodle have both an ‘At home’ and ‘For families’ option where you can access free movement and mindfulness videos

Packs of work will also be sent home with your child.

If you would like to have a go at some Italian - have a look at these activities.

 i colori della primavera.mp4Download
 i colori nuvolette con parole.docxDownload
 I nomi dei colori. 'La canzone di papacia' (KARAOKE) - Italiano per bambini con ALMA Edizioni.mp4Download
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 23 April.docxDownload
 biglietto di PASQUA 1.pdfDownload
 video 1.mp4Download
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 Io mi vesto e poi ti mangio-video - Copy.mp4Download
 istruzioni KS1.docxDownload
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 instruction piccoli.docxDownload
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The Fire Service usually come in to visit Y2.  However, with the lockdown, they are unable to do this, so they thought they would bring their visit to you!

What We Do In the Swallows

In the Swallows, the children are involved in a range of different learning experiences. Often the class topic is linked with our English focus. During many of the lessons, the children are practising reading and writing. Please work with your children at home to practise their reading and writing.


In English we would be exploring the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. The children would compare the different features and find these in different texts. 

Why don't you have a look in your house to see if you have any non-fiction texts at home? Read through them and see if you learn any new information. Perhaps you could email me or your friends on Purple Mash what you have learned by reading these texts. Maybe you could create a poster providing more information, or create a leaflet about the topic you have read.


During this half-term we would be revising what we have already learned throughout this year. We would be revisiting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and corresponding tasks have been set for you on MyMaths each day.  We would like to encourage you to use the methods we have taught you in school to help you find out the answers.  Please click 'download' on the link below to download the strategies that you have been taught.




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Towards the end of the half-term, we would be focusing on measurement and statistics, and again, corresponding work will be set on MyMaths for you. 


Perhaps at home you could explore measurement by looking at any measuring jugs or scales you have at home to see if you could measure 100ml of water, or 200g of flour? You could follow a recipe to make a cake where your measurements have to be accurate in order for it to be made correctly. You could make your own potion using what you have at home (with permission of your parents), and write down the measurements needed to create it. You could post it to the blog on Purple Mash where others could follow your potion recipe.


To help you with statistics, you could create a tally chart every day to count how many cars or people pass your house, and at the end of the week you could see which day was the busiest for cars or people passing by. You could post your results on Purple Mash, and we can see who lives on the busiest or quietist street!

Topic - My Neck of the Woods

This term the Swallows would be involved in the ‘My Neck of the Woods’ topic. They would be learning all about where they live. A long time ago, around the area of the school, there lived a man called Black Tom, who was a Highwayman. See if you can find out about highwaymen and what they did or any information about Bedford that you find interesting. You could create a leaflet or a poster explaining all about Black Tom or Bedford. The story ‘The Highway Rat’ is about a highwayman. Here is a link to the story on you tube:



 Next term the children will be learning about the Seaside. The children will be involved in a range of activities which think about the physical and human features of the Seaside. What the seaside was like in the past compared to now and the types of activities that children and adults can enjoy whilst at the seaside.



A PE kit (named plimsolls or trainers, blue Livingstone Primary T-shirt, navy blue or black shorts, jogging bottoms and sweatshirt (during winter months, in named bag) must be in school every day and kept on children’s pegs. It is recommended that kits are taken home for washing every half term.

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Homework will be given out on Fridays and will be due in on the following Friday. It will follow up work covered in class. Spellings are linked to our Letters and Sounds Phonics Scheme and will be given out on Tuesdays