Wrens 2016-17

We were so exited about our recent English work on 'Dear Greenpeace' by Simon James that we asked Mrs Bliss if we could create our own posters to tell others about looking after our planet! Go Eco Wrens!


We have been looking at the story 'Dear Greenpeace' and have learned about how to compose letters and postcards. We have also learned lots about whales from the information in the book and have used this to write questions about whales - and sentences for the answers too!

We will be using this to help us compose our own

letters to the WWF about an animal of our choice. 



 We are continuing our Phonics groups each day where we are working on Letters and Sounds to progress our knowledge of sounds in order to read and write with increasing proficiency. We will be sending phonics homework home in due course to aid your children's learning in this area. As you may be aware the children must take a 'Phonics screener' towards the end of year 1 and we want every child to do the best they can - not just for the test but as a growing learner!

There is more information about the Phonics screener here: 


Also please remind your children to complete their spellings at home as well as school, as these are the High Frequency words that need to be spelled correctly in their independent writing. 



Please continue to read with your child as much as possible (we recommend just a few minutes every day). If you read at home - remember to sign the reading diary to say you have done so (with a comment if possible!) - the children will get a sticker for each time they read at home and when they get up to 10 they can choose a prize from the box!

They will also get a sticker on their reading cards and when they have filled these will receive a prize from Mrs Lewis in celebration assembly! 


Please remember to keep your PE kit on your peg EVERY DAY - sometimes PE days change around and we want everyone to be able to participate fully.

Remember your PE kit should include: school t-shirt, shorts, long trousers, plimsolls and trainers. 



We have continued our year of Maths with lots of work on number bonds; helping us to add and subtract. We have also looked at halving and doubling as well as counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

We have also been doing a lot of problem solving. 

Here is one of our favourite counting songs!


As part of our topic and Science week, our catering team Caterlink gave us a wonderful workshop on creating our own fruit salads! We learned about food hygiene and safety as well as the names of lots of different fruits! Here we are being chefs!


As part of 'The Big Pedal' we all participated in a brilliant session of 'Balanceability'. We used special 'Scoot bikes' to practise balancing and travelling around a space. Unfortunately it was raining during our sessions but the hall was a perfect space for us to wizz around! Look at us in action...