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Summer term 2017 

This summer term, Ospreys have launched into their new topic-Anglo Saxons! Throughout this half term, the children have enjoyed learning all about where the Anglo-Saxons came from and why; the seven Kingdoms they ruled; how Anglo-Saxons lived and the jobs they had to do (including the children); the Runic alphabet used to write and the range of Gods and Goddesses worshipped.

,As part of their learning, the children were archaeologists for the afternoon. During this time, Ospreys excavated and discovered a range of artefacts from the Anglo-Saxon period such as, drinking horns, pots, potter's stamps, coins and amulets.  


In English, the children have been concentrating on persuasive writing. The children have researched the following topic:

Animals should be kept in zoos.

Within our lessons, children have researched and discussed both sides of the argument. They have found a range of evidence such as, new reports and research conducted which supports their ideas.

This week, the children will focus upon public-speaking skills. They will share their views with the class and attempt to persuade them through the use of convincing arguments, confident delivery and heart-touching pictures. 

Do you think animals should be kept in zoos? 

Parent notices 


Please ensure your child has his/her PE kit in school, so they can participate in P.E lessons on Thursdays and Fridays.