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Welcome to Penguins! 

Remote Learning

We will be uploading daily activities here - all related to learning which would have been done in class. Please access as much as you wish!

Please let us know what you have been up to using the email 


Don't forget to check as we are adding new '2do' activites periodically as well as the new website  

This term's topic is 'Where are the wild things?' where we will learn all about different types of animals including farm animals, wild animals and dinosaurs!


Friday 22nd May

Activity 1

We are going to head back to the National History Museum to find out about fossils.

Activity 2

Why don’t you try to make your own fossil? You will need a grown up to help you.

Activity 3

Choose a book to read and a game to play.

Activity 4

Ask a grown up if you can make dinosaur footprint cookies, remember to write down the list of ingredients you will need.

Thursday 21st May

Activity 1

Let’s go on a dinosaur adventure with Andy. 

Please look carefully at what the dinosaurs look like because in the next activity, you will need to think about creating your own.

Activity 2

Check your Purple Mash 2Dos for dinosaur painting.

Activity 3

Can you make your own music for a dinosaur stomp using the 2Explore (Check your 2dos on Purple Mash).

Activity 4

Practise the concept of sharing by using this game

Here is another game that will help you remember to count forwards and backwards

Wednesday 20th May

Activity 1

We are going to the British History Museum today. There is so much information you can find out about dinosaurs. Do you remember the information from Andy’s video clip about diplodocus?

On this webpage you will be able to see dippy the dinosaur and watch a 3D image of it’s skull What information can you find out about dippy? Ask a grown up to read the interesting facts to you.

Activity 2

Use the dino directory to find out the top five dinosaurs and make a poster about your favourite one.

Activity 3

Are you ready to see the oldest dinosaur egg? Keep scrolling down the page to see the dinosaur teeth in the egg. What are the similarities/differences between the dinosaur egg and the one a chick comes out of?

 Can you make a hatching egg?

Activity 4

Find out what dinosaur you are like by taking part in this fun quiz. You could encourage your family to take part too. It will be interesting which type of dinosaurs are in your family.

Tuesday 19th May

Activity 1

We are going to continue to learn about halving numbers. Watch this story Can you show a grown up how to share objects at home fairly?

Activity 2

Can you make a 100 square on a sheet of paper? You can copy the numbers from  the hundred square below. 

Once you have got your hundred square ready, you will need a plate, something small to count like button, straws, sweets, crisps and a piece of paper. Please watch this video clip from a teacher showing you how to halve numbers.

Activity 3

Back to learning more about dinosaurs. Watch Andy talk about the diplodocus and remember to listen carefully because the next activity will involve you writing captions about dinosaurs.

Activity 4

Look at the 2Dos on Purple Mash to write captions for a dinosaur of your choice.

Monday 18th May

Activity 1

Let’s start our learning this week by listening to the story called ‘Mad About Dinosaurs’.

Which dinosaurs can you recognise? What do they look like? Can you write a list of the dinosaurs mentioned in the story?

Activity 2

Can you find the match the dinosaurs in the pairing game on Purple Mash?

You will need to look carefully, check the 2Dos.

Activity 3

I hope you looked carefully at the features of the dinosaurs because you will be labelling the different parts in this next activity. Check the Purple Mash 2Dos for labelling dinosaurs.

Activity 4

Get ready for the ‘Dinosaur Stomp’!

Previous Week's Activities!

Look at this amazing jungle learning! Lots of jungle food, a jungle jeep, a perfectly crafted parrot and a jungle picture (feat. some colourful hair!)

Don't forget to send your pictures and messages to 

Here is this terms morning learning plan!

The votes are in and you chose to name our stick insects...

Donatello, Michaelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo! (The Teenage Mutant Ninja stick insects!)


Mrs Bliss, Mrs Parton and Miss Caherty have created some 'rainbow pictures' to remind everyone to stay at home, stay safe and keep happy! Can you make your own rainbow picture and send it to ?

Check out this lovely video!!

Try the 'Easy Peasy' app for activities!

Check out Oxford Owl for lots of online reading books - it's free for Parents! 

Check out this awesome science experiment!

Update 27.4.20

We've had a few more photos - people have been working on lovely spring arts and crafts, continuing to look after their plants, working hard on maths and time, learning about farm animals, making pizzas and more!!

Update 3.4.20

We have had some more lovely emails telling us what people have been up to!

Lots of you have been doing craft activities including some lovely dough bunnies and biscuits. There has also been some excellent doubling work using ladybird templates! People have also been working hard on phonics this week as well as numbers. 
We also had a Penguin birthday this week!

One family also made an amazing rainbow for their window at home! #stayhomestaysafe #stayhomesavelives

Bedtime Story!

I have had some wonderful emails from people showing me their learning at home! There have been some wonderful labelled minibeast pictures and people, practising the days of the week, others have been going on bug hunts in their gardens and someone made sock caterpillars! Everyone has been watching their beans and sunflowers grow!

There are lots of authors doing live reads of other books on the internet at this time including Oliver Jeffers doing a story every evening at 6pm

Also lots on Cbeebies Iplayer

Don't forget there are lots of other websites out there which can help to support you in finding activities to do at home.  (password was sent out with letter but email if you need it again!) (again your login was in the pack but we can resend over email!) (you can sign up to a months free access to all resources here using offer code  CVDTWINKLHELPS (also offering free subscription at this time username:march20 password:home




We are really proud of our 'Postage Stamp Paintings' inspired by artist Molly Rausch



We had a great time meeting Maya  the dog and learning all about how to look after our pets!

We had a fantastic World Book Day 2020. We were SO BUSY reading our favourite books, making bookmarks, creating some music from stories, doing some mindful reading and playing 'Guess the Story'!

Click here for our World Book Day page

Helpful info from Speech and Language Bedfordshire...

Please also help us to help the children by reinforcing the sounds being taught at school. Phonics is the method by which we teach reading and writing. Here are some videos which demonstrate the correct pronunciations. 

Please take time to read with your child EVERY DAY - little and often is best!

Please also sign the children's diary so that they can receive stickers which lead to prizes in assembly!

Some reminders...

Please remember to keep PE kits in school every day. The children will take them home at half term. PLEASE NAME EVERY ITEM OF YOUR CHILD'S CLOTHING!

This is is the overview of our learning for the year.


For your information here is the 'Development Matters' document to show the statutory requirements for the Early Years Foundation stage.